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Avoid Scams and Fraud

Shopping online brings with it a heightened risk of scams and fraud.  You should always be mindful and vigilant before providing anyone your personal information or sending payment of any kind.  We work hard to provide our users with the most comprehensive catalog of rental listings, but fraudsters or scammers are also working to scam you out of your money.  When we work together, we can take steps to make our online marketplaces the safest they can be.   Be aware we do not participate in any rental transactions and cannot refund your money if you are scammed.  While we work around the clock to ensure that you have a positive experience using our sites, we cannot guarantee that our sites are 100% free from false or fraudulent listings.|

What We Do To Avoid Scam

–          Verify the legit of every listing listed by property owners

–          If appropriate: immediately review, investigate and remove any suspicious listings.

–          Fully and transparently support law enforcement investigations of listings fraud.

–          Independently investigate suspicious listings and pursue legal action where proper.


What You Should Do To Avoid Scam


–          Scam most common red flags:

  1. Be careful with rent offered way below market.  Scammers know that innocent renters will be less cautious if they are motivated to close quickly on a deal so they don’t lose out on something too good to be true.
  2. Never visit a property alone. Be accompanied by your close friend or family member in other to avoid any un-planned circumstances, such as being rubbed, attach or attempt on kidnaping.
  3. Do not wire money to landlord prior to visiting property.  Legitimate landlords do not ask renters to wire money to any account, especially an account located abroad.  Nor ask for money by Western Union, MoneyGram or other money transfer service. Do not wire money to landlord unless you’ve visited and tour the property with the owner.
  4. We do not participate in rent transaction.  Scammers may impersonate to make it seem like we participate in the rent transaction or transfer of funds.  We do not participate in any transactions between landlords and renters.
  5. Do not listen to dramatic landlord stories. If the landlord cannot make an appointment in person for a tour in the property, this could be a scam. A legitimate landlord will meet you in person and allow you to tour the property before asking for a deposit to secure the rental.
  6. Property owner can’t meet or would meet in person. For whatever reason, the landlord/agent refuses to meet you in person at the property or may even send you an access code to unlock an electronic lockbox to gain entry by yourself to the house, condo or apartment you are looking to rent. Please do not access the property without the property owner present.


–          Report scams immediately and with as much detail as possible (including copies of the communications with the scammer and money transfer details) to:

  2. Your local police department.

If you sent money by Western Union or Money Gram, those vendors’ customer service departments may be able to stop the transfer: Call the number on the transfer receipt and have the transfer canceled.